No, it is the present!

With the omnipresent Internet taking over our day-to-day life and with more measurable yet affordable ways available to distribute information, most marketers face the problem of garnering a response to their print campaigns in advertising. Print media, being passive, is unable to engage the audience or give you any information about who is viewing your ads. With users spending more time on the Internet, print ads seem to have lost their appeal with their static content. Now is the time for marketers to be present on the platform where they can grab eyeballs with engaging content.

Earlier, one popular method often used to capture leads from print ads was to provide a number on the ad and ask the reader to call. Creating a database of these numbers and contacting them for more information is what followed, if the customers responded with a call, which was usually not an immediate action.

marketing a brand through print ads
Advertisements in newspapers

Do you think it is possible to get an instant response and all the necessary information from these print ads by reducing the decision making time?

Yes, of course it is! What if you could also double your ROI?

Augmented reality advertising has made this  a possibility now – Instead of throwing what you have at the customers, give them what they actually like and turn this monologue into an interesting, engaging dialogue. You would save a lot of time by letting the users efficiently provide their own information instead of you making umpteen calls to them!

Digital influence has been huge in advertising. Due to intense competition, it becomes very important to provide unique and engaging content. If you are truly aware of the power of  social media, you would know how important it is to have a strong social media presence and engage with your customers on a regular basis. People tend to engage with brands that they like and they tend to like those brands that can engage them with great content.

Make your customers fall in love with the product
Make your customers fall in love with the product


About a decade or two ago, you could have not imagined customers scanning your print ads with a smartphone and starting a conversation with them promptly. With Augmented reality advertising you can now transform your print ads into a digital form. It can bring your print ads to life while enabling your audience to share it on social media as well which further enhances visibility to your brand.

So are you still using outdated techniques with your print campaigns? Do you want to explore the amazing opportunities of connecting your print campaigns with digital possibilities?

According to research conducted by Hidden Creative Limited, UK, interactive print ads using augmented reality are far more effective than regular print ads in terms of duration of engagement and consideration to buy.

Print ads gets an upgrade with Augmented Reality
Engage customers like never before


Explore the power of call-to-action

Have you ever imagined talking to your customers directly through print ads?

CTA buttons have the amazing ability to start an instant communication with your customers. Customers can be urged to take specific actions like sharing on social media to unlock an offer, or make a purchase directly from the website.

Most of the leading brands have already realised the potential of interactive advertising and have successfully run augmented reality advertising campaigns. The accelerating rate of change in advertising is making interactive print immensely popular and more brands are rushing towards adopting it.

Here’s an example of an ad by L’Oreal that achieved massive success using augmented reality advertising.

The ad shows media on the screen when a use scans it with the WOWSOME app
The ad shows media on the screen when a use scans it with the WOWSOME app

Now it’s your turn

So are you ready to adopt what’s trending?

If you are willing to adopt and stay ahead of your competitors, you can approach some of the best marketing agencies that can easily and beautifully transform your print ads into digital, using augmented reality advertising.



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