It is almost impossible to find a dull moment when you work in the digital business. As usual, our last few months have been full of excitement, developments and a whole lot of fun!

As the year 2016 kickstarted, we at Wowsome were busy being a part of many interesting events happening around the country. First, there was USICON 2016 in January, the 49th Annual Conference of Urological Society of India that took place in Hyderabad. We are grateful to have received this lovely testimonial from Healthware about our collaboration at the event– “USICON 2016 was a great success. WOWSOME was fantastic, and something novel and new. We sincerely thank you and your team at WOWSOME for all the hard work, planning and professional execution of your tasks which contributed to this success…We look forward to many more useful interactions such as this.”

wowsome augmented tv expereince by WOWSOME AR App
WOWSOME TV at USICON 2016 – Hyderabad


Then in February, it was time for us to join forces with the Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2016 (CCIC) – an exclusive biennial fundraiser for cancer treatment and prevention.

Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2016 (CCIC) Official Partners
Cancer Crusaders Invitation Cup 2016 (CCIC) Official Partners


At these events, we also made the visitors a part of the Augmented Reality experience by installing WOWSOME TV at the venues. WOWSOME TV is basically a large format version of the Wowsome app, designed to turn any event collateral into interactive digital content. So for example, your regular entry passes can turn into stunning 3D visuals with custom virtual scenarios on a large screen.


If you think that the beginning of our year is already sounding chock-a-block with action, hear this out – We collaborated with various college cultural festivals like CarpeDiem 2016 for IIM Calcutta, Alcheringa 2016 for IIT- Guwahati, Spring Fest 2016 for IIT -Kharagpur as their Augmented Reality Partner. We activated the print ads for all their main events. We also powered various kinds of games with AR. Treasure Hunt – one of the most happening events in any college festivals – was also conducted with AR this time. We did interactive wall activations at various venues too. We just didn’t leave any stone unturned to make sure that Wowsome was an instant and huge hit with the young crowd.

India is ready to unlock the benefits of AR and how! According to a recent report by Business Insider, “Investment in these two areas (Augmented and Virtual Reality) has already eclipsed $1.1 billion after just two months of 2016.” Also, did you know that Goldman Sachs has already predicted that the AR/VR market will reach $80 billion by 2025?

There is a lot that you can do to extract AR’s maximum potential to make your brand truly interactive. To know more about how we transform Print into Motion Print, click here.