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Picture this – A rugged armor of metal, horses galloping across massive fields, deafening sword clashing, fatally accurate archery and a resolute courage that feeds on power. Does that remind you of someone? It wouldn’t take you long to realize that it’s in fact ‘the one with strong arms’ is who we are talking about here. In Hindi, this person is recognized as ‘Baahubali’. That name itself has enormous weight attached to it and is considered to be an embodiment of heroism.

Talking about heroism, our Indian Cinema has always been massively influenced by this concept. The kind of audience this mass appeal attracts till date is quite remarkable. This mother land has faced some substantial, larger-than-life battles of war that now personify themselves in the mass-driven mindsets of the Indian audience. The Telugu and Tamil film industry has attained that ultimate position in portraying this larger-than-life appeal on the cinema screens, driving their audiences crazy each time without fail. This year 2015, a grand spectacle will be created yet again as the Indian film industry brings forth its most expensive film produced. No points for guessing its heavy-duty title which is in fact – ‘Baahubali’. It’s an Indian period film, made both in Telugu and Tamil which is directed by S. S. Rajamouli and features actors like Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah in the lead roles.

Baahubali 100Days Interactive Poster

Now as you can imagine, the kind of grandeur this film brings along with it is huge, we at WOWSOME are here to add another path-breaking edge to it using our magic tricks of Augmented Reality. In order to kick start the launch of the movie on an awesome level, the trailer got a touch of augmented reality, played across smartphones and tablets. Now continuing that campaign, WOWSOME has enabled the movie poster with amazing motion graphics.

Baahubali Motion Print:

Additionally, there is also the WOW Art Tool in the application with momentous ‘Baahubali’ objects for the audiences to play with. The crown used by the Baahubali character in the film is its main attraction and with WOW Art, this crown could be well placed on your head too! But wait, the attire is incomplete without the ever-shining armor, isn’t it? That’s sorted too. So basically, with these WOW Art tools, you’re well prepared for war, regardless of your reality. Because admit it, augmented reality is a notch above.

Baahubali WOW Art:

Baahubali Armorselfie-with-baahubali-armor-200x300bhallala-deva-armour-300x300